Inner Light

INNER LIGHT out now on all plattforms

“Understanding the genre of Avant-WorldMusic by julakim extends beyond singing in diverse languages. More importantly, it’s about artistically weaving traditional musical styles into a new, liberating soundscape. This radical freedom, merging music, emotion, and rhythm, beckons the audience into a different world, a different state of mind. It’s a mission I’ve undertaken—to be a catalyst, a seducer, urging us to transcend boundaries, especially those rooted in fear. Curiosity, I believe, is instrumental in constructively shaping a better world.”
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An adventure of emotions that examines the intricacies of the inner self: “Inner Light”
“So, her sounds and her multilingual lyrics are an invitation to embrace our diversity, to cherish it, to celebrate it and to learn to appreciate it as something equally obvious. When was the last time you have heard so much openness, so much natural kindness, and so much positivity?” asks Bartek on No Fear, No Limiting Others