wake me up

[Dmaj7]wake me [Bmaj7]up [Dmaj7]when you’re [Bmaj7]older
Life is [Cm7]not like you [Cm79]think
[Dmaj7]I already [Bmaj7]know your [Dmaj7]favourite colour is [Bmaj7]pink
[Cm7]And you’re having a heavy [Cm79]burden on your [Gmaj7]shoulders [G7]
Come on here, I tell you one thing
Life can be something
even if you’re not at ease
don’t double my tease
[A7]Just every[A7b9]day you’re [A7]doing the [A7b9]same things
[A7]And you’re [A7b9]wondering [Em]why is it so [Dm]boring
Well, [Dm]maybe you [Dmmaj7]should try to [Dm7]change some [Dm6]things
[Dm]So that [Dmmaj7]life could [Dm7]be stimulat[Dm6]ing
But I don’t want to tell you
How you could find
Since my life is hell for you
I know I’m just not your kind
But still I feel sorry for you and your stuff
Cause I see how you’re lost
But I don’t want to pay your costs
You should really be old enough
To grow up, show up – blow up
So I leave you alone
So please leave me alone
You stay and your home
And I travel the globe