People we meet

People We Meet – julakim

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[G]Once again we’re all saying [Dm]good-bye
[G]Life is going on – another [Dm]place
[C]Silence comes [F]down which means [G]good-bye
[C]And I’m heading [F]to another [G]place

[G]So I hope to see you all [Dm]again
[G]I know it never will be the [Dm]same
[C]But still there’s a [F]dream – [G]once again
[C]How do you [F]feel? A bit [G]ashamed[F#][F]?

[F]Will we still be in [B]touch?
[F]Will we think of our [B]time?
[F]Will we be writing, [B]holding the line?
[F]I don’t [Am]know it’s all too [G]much

All those different countries with friendly people
We had such a good time
There’s no need to kill other people
When will we start to battle against this hell?

The power, the power, the power we all felt
We couldn’t help changing nothing
But we opened the seat belts
Which forced us to believe in those politics things

Will we still be in touch?
Will we think of our time?
Will we be writing, holding the line?
I don’t know it’s all too much

So just start to visit other places
To meet other people, different cultures under the sun
You should get used to other faces
Just try to have some fun