ITUFI – julakim

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[C]You ve been telling me [F]dreams [C]living [D7]illusions
[C]Don’t you [F]ever want to be [C]real
Everyday you won your competitions
thinking that s Sex appeal
Didn’t you notice we’re living confusions
Different realities to feel
[C]The panther was [F]dying [C]words didn’t [D7]reach you
And [G#]yeah [G]alright you were on [C]honeymoon
[C#]Up and Down life goes colourful but in the end it shows
I wanna tell you [A#]something I think you [G#]fake it
Let me loose [Bb]control
[C#]Be hot be cool be in superficiality just burns the skin
I’ve got a [B]message I think you [A]fake it
Just let me [B]lose
I think you [A]fake it
So I let you [C]win [B]win
But I’ll be miles away from [A]you