5 years

Time flies by and I had no time to keep my promise to send you an update each year in November. BUT this is not such a bad thing, since I had to spend my time enjoying good things. Unluckily it is probably quite hard for you to come to my 5-years- party in Darmstadt. Nevertheless I would like to keep you informed and share a bit what has been happening lately.

This is the secret place of my party venue celebrating 5 years of julakim existence!

On my instragram I posted some fotos of the tough beginning as a singer-songwriter and below you can see how I brought my first tour ever to the Brazilian city Itu, where just everything is big! The video itufi 2 itu shows you my roadtrip.

So in 2017 my trilogy was accomplished and made with love and some extra hours happens to be an art edition: the TriBox which includes the three CDs and a kit to build a spaceship to travel bLuzLand. There are liner notes apetizing the trilogy-story. I’m very happy to have been saved my musical diversity so far and after itufi – to the tropics and back followed by ZURÜCKhaltung to comPARTIR I’m open to some more creative stuff.

Here you see the virgen plates before being cut into triangles, circles and squares, which you can put together to build a spaceship to fly through bLuzLand.

The presents I have been receiving all along my birthday month of November will be presented on my party on a secret location and on my tour through Brasil in March 2019.